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Avinoam Lerner | WCHA
Avinoam Lerner
Clinical Hypnotherapist 617-564-0707 – Advancing Cancer Recovery
Barry Kesselman
Psychotherapist Individuals and Couples 617.926.0467
Brynn Bishop
Tantra Education, Intimacy Coaching, Somatic Attachment Re-Patterning, Brain-Based Trauma Resolution, Expressive Arts and Energy Medicine 415-244-1652
Daena Giardella
Actor, Improvisation Teacher, Consultant (617) 924.9596
Greg Knight
Greg Knight
Diamond Approach Teacher Rolfing Structural Integration 401-724-8426
Improbable Players
Using Theater to Teach About Substance Abuse Prevention 800.437.4303
Jill Braverman
Kripalu Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer
Josh Schreiber Shalem
Feldenkrais® Method and Sounder Sleep System®
Judith Kneen
Judith Kneen Watertown Office: 617-924-2211 Fitchburg Office: 978-342-6070.
Kali Patrick photo
Kali Patrick
Mind-body Wellness Coach & Yoga Teacher 617.699.2389
Mary Gail Sullivan | WCHA
Mary Gail Sullivan
Muscular Therapy, Deep Tissue 617.926.8871
michelle walsh
Michelle Walsh, PhD, LICSW
Sacred Play Explorations
Mitchell Kossak, PhD, LMHC, REAT
Counseling, Expressive Arts Therapies, Body-Centered Approaches, Energetic Modalities 617-926-3221
Peter Wayne
Peter Wayne, Ph.D.
Tai Chi 617-623-1173
samvedam | wcha
Samvedam Randles
Tom Alden
Tom Alden, DC
Wren Ross
Wren Ross
Actor, Singer, Voice Over Coach 617.924.SING