Space Rental Rates & Policies

Rental Rates


Type of Rental Player’s Room Skylight Studio (Medium) Charles River Studio (Large)
Classes / Groups
(after 5 pm, min 1 ½ hr)
(min $37.50)
(min $45)
(min $60)
(1-1 practitioner w/ client)
$14/hr $16/hr $16/hr
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Day Rate

(up to 10 hrs)
$250 $300 $400



Day rates are from $200 – $400 depending on the office. Repeating time blocks for lower than regular hourly rate may be available upon request.

Type of Rental Rate
Classes / Groups
(after 5 pm, min 1 ½ hr)
(min $30)
(1-1 practitioner w/ client)



It is possible to reserve multiple spaces at WCHA for larger workshops, groups, and training events. These events have a special reservation process, rates, payment schedules, and cancellation policies. Please see the Events rental page for details.


Additional Equipment & Services

The following are available upon request. Rates are per day unless otherwise specified.

Item Rate
Marketing Assistance1 $50 / per event
Massage Tables (up to 10, based on availability) $7.50 / per table
TV with DVD/VCR $20
LCD Projector2 $35
Microphones (4 available as a set) $25 (for the set)
Overhead Projector $15
Stereo System with CD Player, iPod Connector (3.5mm plug)3 No Charge
Dry Erase Board with Markers No charge
Easel for Flip Chart No charge
Flip Chart Paper4 45 cents/sheet
Assortment of blankets, pillows, props, and area rugs No Charge
  • 1 – Includes listing & on WCHA home page + inclusion in monthly WCHA newsletters each month leading up to your event, after the fee is paid.
  • 2 – If you have a Mac computer, you will need an adapter – VGA to Video port in your computer. If the computer is a PC – it will plug right in.
  • 3 – Depending on your device, you may need to bring a lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter.
  • 4 – This is our cost, and we provide the markers. You are also free to bring your own paper and markers.

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Rental Policies


For your convenience, payment for your space is due on the day you use it. However, you must agree to the Cancellation Policies (see below). With your payment, be sure to include a description of what the payment is for, i.e. how many hours and for which rooms. There are several ways to pay for your space:

  • Cash or check:
    • Make checks out to “Healing Arts Space Rentals”
    • Place in an envelope and include a note referring to your rental event
    • Either place envelope in the secure mail slot behind the Mt. Auburn St. reception desk or mail to:
      David Knoerr
      Healing Arts Space Rentals
      22 Mt. Auburn St. Suite 10    Watertown, MA 02474
  • Electronically via Venmo:
    • To David-Knoerr
    • Mark transactions as “Private”
  • Electronically via PayPal:
    • To
    • Select the “Friends & Family” option


Cancellation Policies

Your space reservation is considered cancelled when you take yourself out of the scheduling calendar; WCHA receives notifications from Google when cancellations are made. Cancellation requirements are dependent on space rented and duration, as follows:

  • 48 hours notice is required for cancelling office or studio space rented hourly
  • 3 months notice is required for discontinuing full time or whole day office rentals
  • 2 months notice is required for discontinuing an established, ongoing class / group or smaller blocks of office time
  • For larger events, see the Events rental page or your contract for Cancellation Policy details.

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