Rental Space Reservation Process

To request to use one or more of our available spaces, follow these steps:

  1. Review our space Rates & Policies and be sure to ask any questions if you need any clarification.
  2. Provide some basic information about your space needs / request via our rentals form. If on this form you request:

    • a tour of our available spaces, Kali Patrick will be in touch via email to coordinate a day/time.
    • access to our shareable Google calendar(s) to see free/busy availability, you’ll receive an email notice that the appropriate calendar(s) have been shared. (Note you will need to specify a Gmail email address in the request form.)
  3. The first time you rent space, you’ll need to do the following:

    • Verify the space(s) you want are available for the days/times you want using the shared Google calendar(s).
    • Contact Kali or David to officially reserve the days/times for the space(s) you need. Your reservation is NOT guaranteed until you hear back from one of us.
    • Collect keys for the building / space(s) you will be using. When you receive keys we request $20 as a key deposit. (This will be returned when your keys are returned to WCHA.)
    • Review and agree to the “Building Use and Renter Responsibilities” document, which will be sent to you.
  4. If you decide to continue renting space with WCHA, we (Kali or David) can update your access to the shared Google calendar(s) so you can create your own reservations in the future.

  5. For larger Events, we will also be in touch to negotiate and sign a contract as part of the reservation process.