Rental Space Reservation Process

To request to use one or more of our available spaces, follow these steps:

  1. Review our space Rates & Policies and note any questions or items needing any clarification.
  2. Provide some basic information about your space needs / request via our rentals form. If on this form you request:
    • a tour of our available spaces, Kali Patrick will be in touch via email to coordinate a day/time.
    • access to our shareable Google calendar(s) to see free/busy availability, you’ll receive an email notice that the appropriate calendar(s) have been shared. (Note you must specify a Gmail email address in the request form.)
  3. The first time you rent space, we’ll send you a checklist with links to other information, including:
    • Ongoing access to the Google calendar(s) to reserve your own space(s). Note: Going forward, you must be able to schedule yourself using Google calendar, either on the desktop or app.
    • How to pay WCHA for your use of space(s)
    • Additional Equipment & Services available to you
    • How to collect keys for the building / space(s) you will be using
    • Our “Building Use and Renter Responsibilities” document
    • Specific information about the Liability Insurance language we require.
  4. For larger Events, we will be in touch to negotiate and sign a contract as part of the reservation process.