Greg Knight

Greg Knight
Greg Knight
Diamond Approach Teacher
Rolfing Structural Integration


Greg Knight is an Advanced Rolfing Practitioner and Rolfing Movement Teacher. Greg has been studying and practicing body and movement therapies for over twenty five years and has been a Rolfing Practitioner since 1994.

Rolfing is a unique form of body therapy and movement education for restoring your body’s natural alignment and ease. Rolfing addresses the patterns of holding and inefficient movement that develop over time from many causes: postural habits, repetitive movements, traumas like accidents and surgeries, emotional shocks, and chronic stress.

By releasing the patterns of holding and strain in the body that are years and even decades old, Rolfing changes the patterns in the body that cause postural problems and pain. Through its educating approach touch, Rolfing teaches you to explore new ways to feel, support and move your body, with a growing sense of ease, confidence and trust.

Greg’s work is beneficial for: repetitive stress injuries; chronic pain; improving posture and alignment; addressing the physical component of emotional trauma; athletes and performers; and discovering new dimensions of self expression and awareness. With an academic background in philosophy and psychology, Greg has also been a long time practitioner of meditation and a student of the Diamond Approach since 1996.