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Daena Giardella is an actor, director, creativity coach, consultant, teacher, and author. She is frequently invited to give keynote presentations as a motivational speaker and humorist. She has been called a “trailblazer” in improvisational theatre performance and training. Her many original one-woman theater performances have garnered kudos throughout the USA and abroad for their portrayals of the outrageous challenge of being human. The Boston Globe called her an “impressive talent” while the Boston Herald described her as “a talented and gifted actress.” The Boston Phoenix hailed her as “an enormously talented performer/improviser with a dancer’s agility and a blues belter’s larynx…her characters have heft and the advantage of surprise.”

Daena has pioneered an innovative method for teaching improvisation for people from all walks of life for over twenty-five years. Her popular workshops have stimulated a thriving improvisation community in the Boston area and spawned many improv troops. She also works with many prominent organizations and world-class companies as an executive leadership coach, consultant, and media coach. Daena was on the faculties of Emerson College and Boston Conservatory, and she was cofounder of TheraVision, a video theatre process for training therapists at the Kantor Family Institute. Her book, co-authored with Wren Ross, Changing Patterns: Discovering the Fabric of Your Creativity looks at the creative process as tool for self-development and change. Daena has been featured as a creativity expert in many television and radio programs as well as magazine and newspaper articles.

Services Offered

Improvisation Workshops Whether you want to be dynamic in an audition, job interview or meeting, think on your feet and express yourself with confidence, or navigate life transitions effectively, your ability to improvise is essential. Improvisation is a state of mind and body that prepares us to be fully alive in each moment.GET INTO THE MOMENT and HAVE FUN! Set yourself apart by becoming an adept improviser on the stage of life!

Private Coaching Sessions

Daena’s one-on-one coaching sessions are individually tailored to address the needs and goals of each person. You can choose from a variety of focus areas, including:

-Learn effective Presentation Skills as you develop physical and verbal dexterity and presence

-Explore and cultivate “Your Creative Process”

-Prepare for an Audition, Performance, Presentation or Job Interview

-Enhance your Communication Skills and Self-Expression

-Overcome performance anxiety and stage fright

-Explore next steps during Work and Life Transitions

Daena also coaches writers and performers who are interested in generating or shaping original material for stage, fiction, or memoir projects.