Brynn Bishop

Tantra Education, Intimacy Coaching, Healthy Attachment Re-Patterning

Awaken to Greater Love, Connection, and Pleasure


Brynn Bishop, Founder of Conscious Intimacy™, is a Certified Tantra Educator, Intimacy Coach and Attachment Re-Patterning Specialist. Her mission is to empower people to create authentic, loving, pleasurable relationships with themselves and others. She specializes in helping individuals rewire their nervous systems towards greater connection, liberation & pleasure. Brynn is passionate about supporting couples in enhancing their emotional and erotic intimacy.

Brynn’s unique approach weaves together cutting-edge Somatic Psychology and Healthy Attachment Re-Patterning with ancient Taoist and Tantric Healing Arts and Awakening practices – providing the most effective methods of education, transformation and empowerment.

Brynn has studied with some of the world’s most prominent spiritual teachers and has been featured on several TV programs and radio shows. Her work has been touted as “enlightening, transformative, empowering, heart-opening and deeply nourishing.” In both her workshops and private sessions, Brynn is known for her warm, welcoming presence, her keen insight and her playful enthusiasm.

She teaches nationally and works with individuals and couples in her private practice.

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