Phenomenal Enoughness: An Invitation to Step into Yours

June 23rd – Phenomenal Enoughness Workshop

Co-Created and Co-Led by Sarah H. Maker and Maria Mellano

This workshop is centered on the assumption that we are all born inherently enough.

Date: Saturday June 23rd, 2018

Time: 10am to 6pm

Location: Mt. Auburn Studio (enter at 22 Mt Auburn St.)

Investment: $197

Prior registration is required. Please register by going to:

Over our lives this original enoughness, or core wholeness, can become veiled or  eclipsed by parts that hold messages and experiences (burdens) that influence how we think and feel about ourselves and live our lives. Though these parts’ intentions may be protective, in some cases, their impact prevents us from feeling enough or whole.

In this workshop, through using psychodrama and an interactive mandala making expressive arts exercise, we seek to unearth the narrative of our original wholeness.

Then, we will collectively reflect upon and release whatever might be preventing you from experiencing your original enoughness, including an invitation to step into a new empowered way of being we’re calling Phenomenal Enoughness. This workshop will include deep dive belief work, a ritual of co-creating a personal mandala, a psychodrama and collective release ritual and then a collective experience of stepping into a new way of being aligned with your inherent enoughness, or Phenomenal Enoughness.