Rental Space Reservation Process

To request to use one or more of our available spaces, follow these steps: Review our space Rates & Policies and note any questions or items needing any clarification. Provide some basic information about your space needs / request via our rentals form. If on this form you request: a tour of our available spaces, […]

Space Rental Rates & Policies

Rental Rates Studios Type of Rental Player’s Room Skylight Studio (Medium) Charles River Studio (Large) Classes / Groups (after 5 pm, min 1 ½ hr) $25/hr (min $37.50) $30/hr (min $45) $40/hr (min $60) Individual (1-1 practitioner w/ client) $14/hr $16/hr $16/hr Friday, Saturday, Sunday Day Rate (up to 10 hrs) $250 $300 $400   […]

Our Spaces

This page describes the various healing arts spaces that may* be available for rent at Watertown Center for Healing Arts (WCHA). You can view more detailed information about Studios or Offices, below. WCHA has two entrances. Please confirm the best entrance for the space you rent. All WCHA space is on the 2nd floor. We […]


It is possible to reserve multiple spaces at WCHA for larger workshops, groups, and training events. Rental is confirmed upon receipt of the non-refundable (n-f) reservation fee and a percentage of the total rent as indicated below. Rates for Event rentals are the same as listed on the Space Rental Rates page. (Note that Cancellation […]


Watertown Center for Healing Arts (WCHA) is located in the heart of Watertown Square. WCHA has two entrances. Please confirm the best entrance for you with your service provider. All WCHA space is on the 2nd floor. We regret that WCHA is not wheelchair accessible and there is not an elevator. 22 Mt. Auburn St. […]


All practitioners and organizations that offer services through Watertown Center for Healing Arts may be contacted directly. View their individual pages or event pages for contact information. For information and to contact us about renting studio and/or office space, view the Rentals page. If you’d like to send us a general message, use the form […]

Healing Arts Space Rentals

Healing Arts Space Rentals rents space at the Watertown Center for Healing Arts (WCHA) to healing arts therapists and practitioners and teachers of yoga, meditation, tai chi, Feldenkrais and other therapeutic, movement, expressive, and energetic arts. We also serve as a base for post-graduate professional training in psychotherapy and bodywork, house a booking office for […]