Upcoming Events and Workshops

Conscious Touch Lab: Expand Your Touch Repertoire

Conscious Touch Lab: Expand Your Touch Repertoire

with Brynn Bishop Friday, September 7, 7 - 9pm www.conscious-intimacy.com

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Conscious Touch Lab:  Unlock Intimacy & Pleasure through Conscious Consent

Conscious Touch Lab: Unlock Intimacy & Pleasure through Conscious Consent

with Brynn Bishop September 23, 11:30am - 6:30pm www.conscious-intimacy.com

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Nurture Your Creative Genius

Nurture Your Creative Genius

A Writing Workshop led by Patrice Ficken 6 Fridays starting Sept 28 www.soulcareconnections.com

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Summer Morning Meditation

Summer Morning Meditation

Thursdays 7:00-8:00 a.m. in August & September www.amandapeacock.com

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Skilled Practitioners

The Watertown Center for Healing Arts is the home of over 50 skilled practitioners devoted to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.
Body Therapies
Counseling Arts
Expressive Arts
Movement Arts
Avinoam Lerner | WCHA
Avinoam Lerner
Clinical Hypnotherapist 617-564-0707 Free@AvinoamLerner.com AvinoamLerner.com – Advancing Cancer Recovery
Barry Kesselman
Psychotherapist Individuals and Couples 617.926.0467 www.theprocrastinationsolution.com
Brynn Bishop
Tantra Education, Intimacy Coaching, Somatic Attachment Re-Patterning, Brain-Based Trauma Resolution, Expressive Arts and Energy Medicine brynn@conscious-intimacy.com 415-244-1652
Cheryl White | Coach WCHA
Cheryl Wright
Holistic Life Coach Success & Empowerment Coach 617-448-8749 cheryl@wrighttherenow.com www.wrighttherenow.com
Daena Giardella
Actor, Improvisation Teacher, Consultant (617) 924.9596 www.daenagiardella.com daena@daenagiardella.com
Greg Knight
Greg Knight
Rolfing 401-728-8426 www.gregknightrolfing.com
Improbable Players
Using Theater to Teach About Substance Abuse Prevention 800.437.4303 players@improbableplayers.org www.improbableplayers.org
Jill Braverman
Kripalu Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer info@jillbraverman.com www.jillbraverman.com
Josh Schreiber Shalem
Feldenkrais® Method and Sounder Sleep System® feldyviol@gmail.com www.discover-yourself.com
Judith Kneen
Judith Kneen
jkneen@bu.edu Watertown Office: 617-924-2211 Fitchburg Office: 978-342-6070.
Mary Gail Sullivan | WCHA
Mary Gail Sullivan
Muscular Therapy, Deep Tissue 617.926.8871 www.marygailsullivan.com
michelle walsh
Michelle Walsh, PhD, LICSW
Sacred Play Explorations www.revmichellewalsh.com
Mitchell Kossak, PhD, LMHC, REAT
Counseling, Expressive Arts Therapies, Body-Centered Approaches, Energetic Modalities 617-926-3221 kossak7613@yahoo.com
Peter Wayne
Peter Wayne, Ph.D.
Tai Chi 617-623-1173 treeoflifetaichi@earthlink.net www.Treeoflifetaichi.com
samvedam | wcha
Samvedam Randles
617-926-1301 samvedam@innerartsinstitute.com www.innerartsinstitute.com
Stephanie Slater | WCHA
Stephanie Slater, D.Ay., EFT Cert-1
EFT Meridian Tapping Therapy Ayurvedic Counseling and Bodywork 857-205-7239 slaterveda@gmail.com www.eft-ayurveda.com
Tiffany Sarkary
Tiffany Sankary
The Feldenkrais Method® Authentic Movement & Creativity 510-847-0010 info@tiffanysankary.com www.tiffanysankary.com
Tom Alden
Tom Alden, DC
617-926-9648 doc@tomalden.com www.tomalden.com
Wren Ross
Wren Ross
Actor, Singer, Voice Over Coach 617.924.SING wren@wrenross.com www.wrenross.com

Continuing Education for Professionals

Internal Family Systems

Internal Family Systems

Level 2 Begins October, 2018 www.selfleadership.org

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Existential Therapy

Existential Therapy

Contact for Future Dates 617-718-7176 rfoxpsych29@gmail.com www.daseintherapy.com

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We offer several styles of yoga, tai-chi, and zen meditation.