Improbable Players’ Open Rehearsals

Improbable Players’ Open Rehearsals

Improbable Players will be offering one open rehearsal a month open to the public for the continuing purpose of developing new scenes for their performance programs. Scenes for plays are developed through group improvisation through sociodrama.

The group works in a non-threatening, non-judgmental method of experiencing problem-solving using improvisation, music, writing and visual arts. The spirit of workshops is always creative exploration.

Workshop facilitators are Improbable Player actor/educators.

Anyone can join the sessions who has a desire to learn more about the topic of substance abuse addiction/ recovery issues, work creatively with this topic, and learn the work of the Improbable Players.

A small donation ($10.00) will be charged to cover the cost of the room, but if you can’t pay, you’re welcome to attend. Call 617-926-8124 to find out dates and register for next workshop series. For more information visit the Players’ website: