Intimate Puja Circle:  Taoist Practices + Welcoming the Divine

A Puja, in Sanskrit, means reverence, honor, worship and adoration.  It’s used to describe a sacred ritual whereby the intention is to open the heart to deeply loving and revering oneself and those around you.  It is a workshop in the west that teaches the tools of awakening to greater consciousness and awareness; something we very much need right now.  Intimate Puja Circles, created by Robyn Vogel, of Come Back to Love ®, are the place to:

• Be playful and authentic with other​ soulful singles, and couples

• Learn and practice ​t​antra, yoga, and ​meditation

• Be in a room with folks who are willing to be honest, and open their hearts

• Experience deep connections with those interested in sacred conscious relating​

Date: Friday, November 3 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Location: Mt. Auburn St. Studio

Cost: $45

For more information, go to: or email

Robyn Vogel, MA, LMHC is a psychotherapist, certified sex coach, sex educator, and creator of Come back to Love® Robyn integrates and shares traditional psychological principles with spiritual and tantric philosophy and practice. She teaches but also demonstrates how to master the skills of intimacy and art of living a life filled with love no matter what. Those who are struggling in relationship, feeling lost around love, and deeply crave connection gain much insight and healing in their work with Robyn. For 15 years she’s been teaching and practicing tantra as a foundational spiritual practice that grounds from within, removes obstacles to loving deeply and teaches all aspects of healthy sustainable relationship.

Robyn facilitates bi-monthly tantra workshops and leads tantra retreats and vacations in tropical places. Robyn has recently been recognized as an expert in her field by the Boston Globe and has begun a professional training for therapists and spiritually-seeking students. She is the author of upcoming book: The Power of Puja:  A Journey to The Heart.