Inner Personalities – A Journey for Self Discovery, Healing and Enlightenment Level I

For the first time on East Coast USA, Damanhur University presents:

Inner Personalities-A Journey for Self Discovery, Healing and Enlightenment Level I

 with the guest teacher and healer from Damanhur Italy

 Tridacna Belladonna

Friday April 28 free Evening Introduction to Damanhur – 7pm-9 pm

This workshop can help anyone who is blocked and who is unable to live to his or her full potential. The work will be geared towards people who are intelligent, who are eager to grow, and who are willing to commit to self-growth.  Many people can be very successful in some areas of their lives but not others.  For example, many may have a successful career but have relationships that are very challenging.  However, that success is still limited and can be greater once the person is able to release past blocks and discover and harmonize his inner personalities. When past blocks are identified and released within, nothing can keep the person from moving forward. Person will re-connect with his/her inner-self and his/her soul. It will teach what true self-love is, to live a life of peace and harmony, and to live in the moment.  As a result the person will be a superior partner, parent, and overall human being. According to Damanhurian Spiritual Physics, the Inner Personalities are part of our soul structure along with an attractor (magnet), representing the divine within us. Based on this theory, the final result of harmonizing the Inner Personalities is ultimately enlightenment

No previous experience necessary

Friday, April 28 -7 pm -9 pm Free introduction to Damanhur

Saturday, April 29, 10 am – 10 pm, Dinner /Party is part of the course

Sunday,  April 30   10 am – 4 pm

Tuition for Level 1 weekend workshop: $285.00 in advance or $320.00 at the door

Location: Friday night in the Charles River Room (Spring St. Entrance)

Saturday and Sunday in the Skylight Studio (Mt. Auburn St. Entrance)

Spiritual learning and exploration in fun, interactive way: using art, music, dance and meditation

To Learn more and register:

or call Iveta at 617-868-1516

Tridacna is also available for healing sessions Monday and Tuesday, May 1st and 2nd 2017