Conscious Touch Lab: Community, Connection and Nourishment

Sunday, January 21, 10:30am-6pm
*This daylong is the prerequisite for ongoing monthly Labs.
Do you desire more emotional and physical connection?
  • Does fear of being rejected or looking foolish hold you back from initiating connection?
  • Are you afraid of loosing yourself in relationship or feeling obligated and confined?
  • Do you put others first and then feel resentful that your needs aren’t being met?
  • Do you want to improve your confidence and ability to skillfully communicate about intimacy?
This workshop provides the missing piece in developing conscious dating and relationship skills.
CTL is for YOU if you are:
• Single and want to connect with other conscious singles.
• Partnered and want to deepen your connection and enliven the intimacy in your relationship.
SUPER CHARGE your ability to connect!
  • Discover a New Paradigm of Relating in which you do not need to sacrifice yourself to get your needs met in relationship.
  • Learn concrete tools to honor yourself and each other.
  • Discover and practice the nuances of consent.
  • Practice 5 Modalities of Touch
  • Gain the safety, structure and support to become empowered around setting boundaries and asking for what you want in real time.
Breakthrough to greater connection within a supportive community:
  • Receive the nourising touch you desire (and none that you don’t).
  • Discover new ways of experiencing pleasure while giving & receiving
  • Uncover a deeper understanding of yourself, your desires & your needs
  • Feel safe, connected, confident, empowered and liberated
  • Get deeply nourished: body, heart and soul
“It was one of the best meetups I ever attended. The atmosphere safe, open and inviting. It was a wonderful, supportive environment to take the next step to opening up to connection with others and to myself.”
“At your first Conscious Touch class, I was able to meet someone and that relationship has bloomed into something I never thought possible.  I think because you set the stage for us to practice things like communication, consent, and honoring each others’ yes and no, that opened the door for us to have a truly meaningful relationship. Thank you so much!”
In a safe, supportive, non-sexual environment, you will be given a framework and guided through a progressive series of exercises to practice key principles of authentic relating within the context of nourishing touch. Developing these skills increases your capacity for greater freedom to be your true self and to connect more authentically and pleasurably with others.
Join the Boston Conscious Touch Community and get deeply nourished while developing the skills to create the intimate life you desire.
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About Your Facilitator:
Brynn Bishop, Founder of Conscious Intimacy™ and Originator of Conscious Touch Lab™, is an Advanced Certified Tantra Educator and Holistic Intimacy Coach with over twenty-five years experience in the field of Conscious Relating and Sacred Sexuality. Her mission is to empower individuals to create authentic, loving, pleasurable relationships with themselves and others. Brynn specializes in helping people rewire their nervous systems towards greater connection, liberation & pleasure. She is passionate about guiding couples in enhancing their communication, emotional intimacy and erotic attunement.